I'm using pandoc to convert some files created in LaTeX a couple of years ago to .docx format (yuk!). I've been going through this blog entry and apparently it's easy to do.

The hardest part had been passing the references, but citeproc seems to do well. I tried one of the documents and it worked out pretty well I think, except for the tables and the images.

Now, my problem is that I have several of the documents I have to convert into which the references are in more than one database and I don't know if pandoc with citeproc has a way to get the references from more than one database.

The statement:

pandoc my-document.tex --bibliography=library.bib -o my-document.docx

works pretty well.

getting back to the point, I have references like this:


So my question comes down to: how can I convert a LaTeX file using pandoc with references like this?

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You can add multiple bibliographies with --bibliography:

pandoc my-document.tex --filter=pandoc-citeproc --bibliography=library1.bib --bibliography=library2.bib -o my-document.docx

Alternatively you could of course just merge the .bib files. Since they are simple text files, this should do:

cat library1.bib library2.bib > joinedlibrary.bib

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