A contact has asked for a documents pages to be set to 130 x 198mm - and so my \documentclass[12pt,a5paper]{book} isn't going to cut it - how do I specify page size in mm?


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See page 6 of the geometry package manual:



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Couldn't help but implement what came into my mind when I read the title of this question ... be mild on the downvotes, please :-)

page size in MM's




\newcommand{\mm}[1]{\includegraphics[height=.1in,trim=1pt 5pt 1pt 3pt,clip]{mm#1}}


\noindent\foreach \x in {1,2,...,65}{\mm1\mm2}\\
\foreach \x in {2,4,...,197}{\mm2\newline\mm1\newline}\mm2

I'm gonna guess and say your measurements are wrong! (:-) If the 130mm should, as I believe, be 129mm, then here's how:


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