Suppose i have a main repertory 'main' containing a file 'main.tex' and a child repertory named 'subfile' himself containing a file called 'subfile1.tex'. Thanks to this link https://fr.sharelatex.com/learn/Multi-file_LaTeX_projects i can write in subfile1.tex using the preambule of main.tex writing this first line in subfile1.tex :


Now i would like to create an arborescence from the main directory. Imagine i would like to create a subfolder of the repertory 'subile' called 'subsubfile' and place inside it a file called 'subsubfile1.tex'. Now i shoul write in the preambule of 'subsubfile1.tex' :


And i can continue the process... So it is boring to count each time the hierarchy and to add the corresponding number of '../' before 'main.tex'. Isn't there an automatic way of doing it ?

In fact it is not just an artificial example. I use Zim Wiki whose syntaxe create $subfolder_{ij}$ of a $folder_i$ to construct a subtopic j of a topic i. So the tree hierarchy is complex (can be quite deep) and change in the time while i am adding new child topics. But the main repertory called 'main' is always at the same absolute Path inside my dropbox folder (it is the root folder in Dropbox Folder) .

1)I first thought to place an absolute path:


but this line of code isn't recoginsed

2) Since i used my folder on different OS (linux and windows) a relative path would be better but it should

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  • Have you tried using "/Users/Eric/Dropbox/main/main.tex" as absolute path? (or use the Windows path without the single quotes, which you don't use in your relative paths – remco Apr 15 '18 at 10:32
  • Unfortunately i tried all these possibilities and it doesn't work – laurent pincemaille Apr 15 '18 at 10:49
  • On unix the full path \documentclass[/Users/Eric/Dropbox/main/main]{subfiles} works fine – user36296 Apr 15 '18 at 11:24

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