I would like to write a text along a circumference with Asymptote's module labelpath3. Below there is the code:

import labelpath3;
path3 g = shift(-Z)*unitcircle3;
string txt = "Orizzonte";
draw (g,1bp+red);

I just started using Asymptote, the code above I saw it in the Asymptote tutorials. This code write a text too big. If I multiply the argument txt in labelpath for scale(0.2) the terminal show me the message:

cannot call surface labelpath(string s, path3 p, real angle, triple optional)
with parameters:
(label,path3,int angle, triple optional)


  • Welcome to TeX.SE! For scaling of 3D objects you need to use scale3 instead of scale. – user121799 Apr 15 '18 at 18:43
  • I saw that you posted a comment as an answer. However, I do not understand your comment. 180 degrees also works with my code. And with texdoc asymptote you get nice manual. – user121799 May 16 '18 at 14:44

I could only guess what you want. You need to use scale3 instead of scale. And if you just want to put text on a part of the path, according to the examples on this site you need to use subpath.

enter image description here

import labelpath3;
path3 g = scale3(0.1)*shift(-Z)*unitcircle3;
string txt = "Orizzonte";
draw (g,1bp+red);
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