I would like BibTeX citations to appear as

LASTNAME, Firstname (year): Title etc.

in the references. There should be no "bibliography key" [...] in the references section, and citations should appear as (Lastname, year) in the text.

Currently, I am using Natbib and natdin.bst with the definition


to hide the keys. However, the year is still printed at the end of the citation and not in parentheses right after the author. How could that be achieved?

I am aware of Changing position of year in natbib with plainnat style, but the natdin.bst file seems pretty different and I'm not sure about the right places to tweak it. Is there maybe an existing style that suits my needs?

A minor little extra would be to only output "(Hrsg.)" (Hrsg. = Herausgeber = publisher in German) once even if there are several publishers.


As I wrote in the comment biblatex offers a very user friendly solution.

The style authoryear accomplishes your request of ordering and style. To set a colon after the year you can redefine the separator \labelnamepunct:


Example cite \cite{companion}



enter image description here

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