Hi I am new to LaTeX and I have a little problem regarding the installation of a package manually. I downloaded a template to write my thesis and on the first run of it I clicked through all the automatic installations of packages. Some didn't work so I planned to install them manually. I could do that for all of them except for one package named lccaps. The other files I downloaded existed already as .sty files and I could just place them in my folder. This was not the case for the lccaps, this was one .ins file and one .dtx file. I got all the files from CTAN and I tried to run them using cmd.exe and this command:

latex H:\MYPATH\lccaps.ins

according to the istructions in the readme.

To install the package

 1. run `latex lccaps.ins`
 2. move 'lccaps.sty' to locations where LaTeX will find it

But I receive an error message saying it couldn't find the lccaps.dtx file (see image). enter image description here But the file is there and in the same folder as the .ins file I am trying to run. What am I doing wrong? Is there a special folder in the Latex installation (I am using Miktex and TeXWorks as editor) I have to use?

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    Copy the .ins and the dtx in the current folder (C:\users\XXX) and then call latex lccaps.ins and not latex some/long/path/.../ – Ulrike Fischer Apr 16 '18 at 10:54

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