I am new to LaTeX (MiKTeX version) and try to get authoryear citation e.g. (Hugh et al., 2009) using \citep{MCOSW}. But rather it shows the whole list of authors with year at the end e.g. (Hugh Glaser, Afraz Jafri, and Ian Millard, April 2009). How can I force it to show et al. I am using natbib package. List of packages along with style and bib is mentioned below:



@article {MCOSW,
author = "{Hugh Glaser, Afraz Jafri, and Ian Millard}",
title = "{Managing co-reference on the semantic web.}",
journal = "{In WWW2009 Workshop: Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2009)}",
year = "{April 2009}",

Could anyone of you please help. Thanks

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Don't overuse braces, and treat your BibTeX keys as data (don't mix months and years together), rather than formatted output. If you have a list of authors, separate each name with an and, and let BibTeX figure out how to split them.

enter image description here


@article {MCOSW,
author = "Hugh Glaser and Afraz Jafri and Ian Millard",
title = "Managing co-reference on the semantic web",
journal = "WWW2009 Workshop: Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2009)",
month = "April",
year = "2009",

I once read \citep{MCOSW}.


Notice that BibTeX:

  • puts the correct et al. in my citation
  • puts commas where needed in the bibliography listing
  • puts a period at the end of the article title
  • uses the month and year if the bibliography style requires it (and both items are known)

See also Andy Roberts' Bibliographies - Getting to grips with LaTeX, particularly the "Authors" section.

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