I have following problem. I want to create rounded boxes around my text, so far I have:

\tikz[baseline=(char.base)]\node[anchor=north west, draw,rectangle, rounded corners, inner sep=1.6pt, minimum size=5.5mm, text height=3.6mm, fill=#2,#2,text=white](char){#1};\phantom{#1};%}

and it gives me:

enter image description here

Which is quite good, but I would also like to extend boxes (I think it's written too tight) like 2mm each side. Ideas?

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    you can use inner xsep = 2mm – percusse Apr 17 '18 at 10:16

With tcolorbox


\newtcbox{\mybox}[1][red]{on line,
    colback=#1, colframe=#1, boxsep=0pt, boxrule=0pt, size=small, arc=1mm}
\mybox{This is some} \mybox[blue!30]{text with} \mybox[green!70]{rounded corners}

enter image description here


With fancybox


\ovalbox{one box}

\Ovalbox{another box}



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