I am using overleaf.com for creating a beamer document. I want to change default font to helvetica. I addede following lines from answer posted for Working with arial or helvetica fonts but it didnt work online editor.

\documentclass[x11names]{beamer} \usetheme{default} \usecolortheme{default}   
\usefonttheme{professionalfonts} % using non standard fonts for beamer 
\usefonttheme{serif} % default family is serif \usepackage{fontspec} 

Any idea?


For pdflatex you could just use the helvet package:






In LuaLaTex or XeLaTeX, change the line



\defaultfontfeatures{Scale = MatchLowercase}
\setmainfont{TeX Gyre Heros}[Scale = 1.0]

You can also use Helvetica if you have a TrueType or OpenType version of that font installed, but TeX Gyre Heros is a free clone included with every TeX installation.

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