I'm trying to figure out how to get a bigger margin on the right side of a page. I have found this snippet: \addtolength{\oddsidemargin}{.875in} \addtolength{\evensidemargin}{.875in} This does about what I'm looking for, however on every other page, the increased margin is on the left. How can I change this so that it's always on the right

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    welcome to tex.se! (i) to help you we need example of small complete document, (ii) see the package geometry. settings of page layout with it is simple.
    – Zarko
    Apr 19, 2018 at 19:20

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To have a local change of the margins, you can load the changepage package with


The starred version \begin{adjustwidth*}... \end{adjustwidth*} swaps the values between even and odd pages.

Another solution consists in using these commands of geometry:

\newgeometry{parameters for the new layout}

One difference with the other solution is that these commands start a new page.


Have you tried to use the geometry package?

\usepackage[top=0.5in, bottom=0.5in, left=0.5in, right=0.875in]{geometry}

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