I currently use the tabular package to create my table. One of my columns has several lines of text, so I need a line break mechanism. I do currently have a working mechanism.

    \begin{tabular}{ |c|c|c|c|c| }
        \textbf{Name} & \textbf{Goal} & \textbf{Results} & \textbf{Methods used} & \textbf{Validity} \\
        VS Code       & \makecell[l]{Desktop-\acs{IDE} with plugin\\mechanism and language server\\integration \cite{vscode01, vscode02}.} & ? & ? & ? \\
        Cloud9 IDE    & \makecell[l]{Cloud-based \acs{IDE} with real time\\team collaboration capabilities with\\a computation and storage based\\pricing system \cite{cloud-ide02, cloud9ide01}.} & ? & ? & ? \\

The annoying thing is that I manually have to do the line break. So if I change the text somewhere in the middle, I have to readjust everything. What would be much better is a function like \makecell{...} that automatically does its line break as needed.

Is there a function somewhere in Latex for automatic line break?

  • \makecell allows for line breaks, but they have to be hand-done. – Bernard Apr 19 '18 at 20:52

There are multiple methods to get automatic line breaks

  • use columns of a fixed with, e.g. p{1cm}
  • use the tabularx package and X columns which will automatically choose column widths to fill the desired width for the whole table

Furthermore I suggest to use the booktabs package for a nice table layout.




        \textbf{Name} & \textbf{Goal} & \textbf{Results} & \textbf{Methods used} & \textbf{Validity} \\
      VS Code  & Desktop-IDE with plugin mechanism and language server integration. & ? & ? & ? \\
            Cloud9 IDE & Cloud-based IDE with real time team collaboration capabilities with a computation and storage based pricing system. & ? & ? & ? \\


enter image description here

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