In Dutch, we quote ``like this''

I usepackage{biblatex} which does autoquoting. When I \citetitle, I get „Title” but I need ``Title''

Who can help me hack \citetitle so the title becomes italic and correctly ``quoted'' and/or give me the correct \setquotestyle{xxx} for csquotes?

thank you!


https://onzetaal.nl/taaladvies/aanhalingstekens-hoog-of-laag seems to suggest that the lower-upper quotation marks are still in use in some publications, on the other hand the upper (66)-upper (99) form seems to have become more widespread recently.

You can switch the default style of Dutch quotation marks with \DeclareQuoteStyle



\enquote{Goedendag \enquote{hoi}}
  • Incidentally taaltelefoon.be/… also lists and actually uses the combination like upper(9)-upper(9). – moewe Apr 21 '18 at 14:35
  • NOS.nl uses straight double quotes, NRC.nl lower(99)-upper(99), Volkskrant.nl straight single upper quotes, trouw.nl upper(6)-upper(9), nu.nl uses stright double quotes, telegraaf.nl lower(99)-upper(99), standaard.be upper(6)-upper(9), rijksoverheid.nl (at least on the page I checked) upper(6)-upper(9) – moewe Apr 21 '18 at 14:43

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