Now that I got most of my pieces in place, I'm trying to work my custom "\printbibliography" command. I'm using the "article" class, but I take the.

In short, I need to create a custom command which create 2 types of bilbigraphy, depending on the presence of cited material of custom type "message". But the same would apply to any bibliography type, so I slightly change my code so that the "message" type is any kind of "X" entry type.

I need the following :

  • A bibliograhphy heading, appearing in the Table of content
  • A conditional test on the existence of a type of entries.
    • If no element of type "X" is present, then I print the bibliography
    • If at least 1 element of type "X" is present I need to split the bibliography into 2 subheadings, with different title. These titles must not be in the table of content.

This code works for me, in the case "with X entry" :

\printbibheading[title={Bibliographie}, heading=bibintoc]

\printbibliography[nottype = X, heading=subbibliography, title={Doctrine}]
\printbibliography[type = X, heading=subbibliography, title={Documents Officiels}]

I'd like to change it to something like this :

if(bibliography not contains any X entry type)
    \printbibliography[title={Bibliographie}, heading=bibintoc]
\printbibheading[title={Bibliographie}, heading=bibintoc]
\printbibliography[nottype = X, heading=subbibliography, title={Doctrine}]
\printbibliography[type = X, heading=subbibliography, title={Documents Officiels}]


  1. Is there a command to code this part "bibliography not contains any X entry type" ?
  2. What is the correct code for and if-else form in this type of context ?

Accepted answer

I simply copy-pasted the code of @moewe Then I replaced with the relevant custom type (@message)

And it worked hassle-free !


Let's for the moment assume your "type X" is @online.

First we need to count the number of entries for each type, this is done in \AtDataInput. In \printlegalbibliography we only need to check if there were any @online entries


\usepackage[style=authoryear, backend=biber]{biblatex}



    {\printbibheading[title={Bibliographie}, heading=bibintoc]%
     \printbibliography[nottype = online, heading=subbibliography, title={Doctrine}]%
     \printbibliography[type = online, heading=subbibliography, title={Documents Officiels}]}
    {\printbibliography[title={Bibliographie}, heading=bibintoc]}}

\section{Two online sources}

\section{No online sources}

enter image description here

  • Hi, this is perfect. At the moment, I only plan to use a single bibliography for my document, hence the first proposition is working just fine, thanks ! Edit: actually, there is only a single version of the code now, so I'll test it again tomorrow with your version. – XaWin Apr 23 '18 at 21:00

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