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How could I create a new environment to automated the following code?

\noindent\fcolorbox{white}{lightgray}{ \begin{minipage}{0.96\textwidth}
 some text in here
\end{minipage} }

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    Stupid question: if you make the frame white, why using a framed colour box in the first place and not a \colorbox? – user36296 Apr 23 '18 at 17:03

Maybe a simple new command can also do the job:





\foo{some text}


Needless to reinvent the wheel: you already have the shaded(*)} environment from the framed package. . Furthermore, these environments can break across pages. The shaded* environment makes the shaded area fit exactly the margin, whereas shaded makes the text justified between the margins and the shaded area overflows the margin:



\noindent\fcolorbox{white}{lightgray}{ \begin{minipage}{0.96\textwidth}
some text in here


enter image description here

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