The MWE is modelled on 21-indexing-multiple.tex but has two issues. Firstly, the author and title indexes have trailing commas. Secondly, I'd prefer to have only the first author et al of a work go into the author index (e.g. Chidiac, P. et al, 2, 3 only and neither Beaucourt nor Quantin)


%   latex        file
%   bibtex/biber file
%   latex        file
%   makeindex -o file.ind file.idx (= makeindex file)
%   makeindex -o file.nnd file.ndx
%   makeindex -o file.tnd file.tdx
%   latex        file



    Author = {Doe, John Jack},
    indexname = {Doe, John Jack},
    Journal = {Journal of Nothing},
    Pages = {164--178},
    Title = {More Great Stuff},
    Volume = {4},
    Year = {1981}}

       Author = {Chidiac, P. and Quantin, J.-C. and Beaucourt, D.},
       indexname = {Chidiac, P.},
       title = {{Un standard pour l'an 2000 - Tome 2}},
       language = {francais},
       publisher = {Fédération Française de Bridge},
       date = {2004}
       Author = {Rodwell, E.},
       indexname = {Rodwell, E.},
       title = {{Eric Rodwell: The Bridge World Interview}},
       publisher =  {The Bridge World},
       date = {2012}

\newindex{names}{ndx}{nnd}{Index des auteurs}
\newindex{titles}{tdx}{tnd}{Ouvrages cités}

\RequirePackage[unicode=true, psdextra, colorlinks=true, linktoc=all]{hyperref}








Cette convention était popularisée par l'équipe Meckwell.  \Bridgecite{RODW2012}  


On suit le livre de \Bridgecite{CHID2004} 


% We print the printbibliography...
% ...and the indexes
\printindex         % the general index
\printindex[names]  % the name index
\printindex[titles] % the title index
  • I presume this punctuation style is intentional, but I'd prefer e.g. a colon rather than a comma. – DLyons Apr 24 '18 at 5:53

The man page https://www.systutorials.com/docs/linux/man/1-makeindex/ documents that

"Delimiter to be inserted between a level 0 key and its first page number is delim_0 <string> ", "(default: comma followed by a blank)"

So changing this to delim_0 ": " in a .ist file should work.

Here's myfile.ist for example:


    delim_0 ": "

Running that as makeindex -s myfile.ist authors for the author index gives the required result

Index des auteurs
Lévy, A.: 5
Fédération Française de Bridge: 3
Rodwell, E.: 11

Re the second question of how to index authors and titles - one would like to have a single command that did both the citations and the author/title indexing. There must be a way to do that within BibLaTeX but I went for a simpler solution along the lines of


The first element is a customized footnote citation and the second two use \usepackage[makeindex]{splitidx} for authors and titles respectively. They take key-val pairs from a pre-generated lookup table which can be generated from the .bib file. These look like e.g

\authorPut{RODW2012}{{Rodwell, E.}} 
\titlePut{RODW2012}{{Eric Rodwell: The Bridge World Interview}}

and the whole table becomes an input file.

The Put/Get code is copied from Capacity exceeded while implementing lookup table

Output looks like

Ouvrages cités                    
Eric Rodwell: The Bridge World Interview, 1        
Un standard pour l’an 2000 - Tome 2, 5

Still had the probably correct, but misleading, trailing comma. That's now corrected :-)

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