Related to Autoref with optional argument, I would like to define an (optional) argument to \autoref that appears after the regular autoref printout, but within the actual link that is generated by \autoref.

I.e., the command

\autoref[(left inset)]{fig:somefigure} 

should produce a hyperref link with the complete text being active

... Figure 1 (left inset) ...

Is that possible in a generic way?


The trick is to always use a non-link reference and then separately adding the hyperlink: (example copied from Christian Hupfers answer to the original question)





See \autoref[ is very nice]{section:foo} or \autoref*[ is nice too]{section:foobar}

\section{Foo section}\label{section:foo}

\section{Foo bar section}\label{section:foobar}


enter image description here

  • Great – thank you Marcel! For completeness, I've added an \xspace to automatically get the space between regular and optional argument –> \autoreforig*{#3}\xspace\IfValueT{#2}{#2} – yogik Apr 24 '18 at 18:39

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