I would like to remove the colour only for the Author Name in the citation created using natbib + bibliography for Springer (svjour3) journal manuscript.

enter image description here



\citep{kannan2013} ....... \\

\bibitem[Kannan and Santhi(2013)]{kannan2013} Kannan, M. R., \& Santhi, M. H. (2013). Constructability Assessment of Climbing Formwork Systems using Building Information Modeling. \textit{Procedia Engineering}, 64, 1129-1138.
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    All you need to do is find @Audrey's answer and copy all the material beginning with \makeatletter and ending with \makeatother into your document's preamble, right after \usepackage{etoolbox}. Incidentally, you should load both natbib and etoolbox before, not after, url and hyperref. – Mico Apr 24 '18 at 13:10
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    Off-topic: Don't load both the cite and the natbib citation management packages. – Mico Apr 24 '18 at 13:54