I try convert latex book to OpenOffice ODT format.
And my pandoc 1.17.2 (Debian 9x64) can't process \MakeUppercase macros.


test \MakeUppercase{Case Text.} test

running pandoc, I get: (plain format here - for clearness)

$ pandoc -f latex -t plain  main-uppercase.tex
test test

Now I found doubtful way: from script rewrite preamble and write:


and process odt-file (pandoc convert correctly with this "tags") automatically via ooobasic macros from LibreOffice, but...
May be there is another way?
Thank you.

ps: \textsc{} - work correctly


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Try updating your Pandoc.

I'm on v2.7.1.

The input.tex:

test \MakeUppercase{Case Text.} test

The command:

pandoc -f latex -t plain input.tex

The output:

test CASE TEXT. test

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