I am using the chemmacros package and the \state[subscript-left=r]{H} command. It does produce the standard enthalpy of reaction symbol perfectly, however when used inline in a sentence there is an unsightly space afterwards. Is there any way of gobbling up this space to make it look neater other than putting in \(\!\!\!\)? See the difference between the two in the 2nd line of the attached graphic...

Write an expression showing how to calculate the enthalpy of reaction,
\state[subscript-left=r]{H}, from the enthalpies of formation,
\state[subscript-left=f]{H}\(\!\!\), explaining each of the parameters.


  • Is using \negmedspace or \negthickspace preferable? – AML Apr 25 '18 at 14:23
  • I suppose what I’m really asking is is there a modification that can be made to the \state command so one doesn’t need to put in this correction... – Leeser Apr 25 '18 at 19:51

chemmacros does not really insert space after the state symbol as the first to lines in the following example show.

You can set up the macro to insert a negative kern afterwards but this might have unwanted effects in other places (see the example). I would adjust manually where needed.






  thermodynamics/post = \kern-.3em

\state[subscript-left=r]{H}, \state[subscript-left=r]{H}xxx


enter image description here

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