How can I have duck-based page numbers, as in the tikzducks manual itself? They are adorable, and I would like to have random ducks holding my page numbers.

The manual tells us how to make a signpost duck and obtain a random duck, but how does one create (1) random signpost/pagenumber-holding ducks (2) in the footer?

enter image description here

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    Apr 25, 2018 at 19:19
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At the end of chapter 3, the "duckumentation" describes how to create a random head decoration or a random accessories without using the \randuck:

enter image description here

(please notice that \shuffleducks has to be called each time a new duck shall be created. This is not necessary for the \randuck, because there this is done automatically)

The same concept can be used for the page numbers:


\usepackage{duckuments}% To create a dummy duckument





Tip: the source code of the "duckumentation" is available from http://mirrors.ctan.org/graphics/pgf/contrib/tikzducks/tikzducks-doc.tex or https://github.com/samcarter/tikzducks/blob/master/tikzducks-doc.tex in case you'd like to know how do any of the other content.


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