I'm new to Latex. I need to replicate this figure using Tikz. I plan to place this in a beamer slide and uncover the rectangles one click after another. Could someone please help me figure this out?enter image description here

Note that B & C here should appear together. Thank you!


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I agree with @samcarter, but since you are saying you are new it might be easier to go through the aobs-tikz manual after you have familiarized with the most basic things. All you need here is \pause inside some very simple picture.

\tikzset{mybox/.style={draw,minimum width=1.5cm}}
\begin{frame}[fragile]{Boxes popping up}
\node[mybox,above right=of A](B){B};
\node[mybox,below right=of A](C){C};
\draw[-latex] (A.east)--(B.west);
\draw[-latex] (A.east)--(C.west);
\node[mybox,below right=of B](D){D};
\draw[-latex] (B.east)--(D.west);
\draw[-latex] (C.east)--(D.west);
\node[mybox,right=of D](E){E};
\draw[-latex] (D.east)--(E.west);

enter image description here

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