I am using the sbl-paper package for a seminar paper, and I need to have the page number on the first page of the body centered at the bottom of the page. I have looked through the other questions on stack exchange, but I cannot find a solution that works for my needs:


 \setmainfont{Times New Roman}

 \institution{A Degree Granting Institution}
 \title{The Title of the Paper}
 \professor{The name of the professor}
 \course{Course number and name}
 \author{The Author}
 \date{April 26, 2018}
 This is the first paragraph of the introduction.

 % Local Variables:   
 % TeX-engine: xelatex    
 % End:
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    Welcome to TeX SX! This is probably coded in the class file or in sbl-paper. Try \thispagestyle{plain} just after \maketitle.
    – Bernard
    Apr 26, 2018 at 19:42
  • Awesome! I gave that a try and is seems to work. Thank you.
    – Leonard
    Apr 27, 2018 at 0:09

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The sbl-paper package uses the fancyhdr package to place the page number on the right side of the header of each page. The specific code used by sbl-paper.sty:


The turabian-researchpaper document class, according to the turabian-formatting documentation, provides three page standard styles that can be used with the \pagestyle{} and \thispagestyle{} commands: empty, plain, and heading. The plain page style "centres the page number in the footer."

As Bernard suggested above, placing "\thispagestyle{plain} just after \maketitle" should work.

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