I want the draw the following diagramenter image description here

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I am sorry, some parts of your screenshot I can't read.

enter image description here

\begin{tikzcd}[row sep=1.4cm,column sep=1.4cm]
A\arrow[d]\arrow[rr]& & A_1\arrow[d]\\
A_2\arrow[rr]& & A'
\begin{tikzcd}[remember picture]
& m & & & m\\[-0.5cm]
&\mathfrak{p}(A)\arrow[d]\arrow[rr]& &\mathfrak{p}(A_1)\arrow[d]&\\
&\mathfrak{p}(A_2)\arrow[rr]& & \mathfrak{p}(A') & \\[-0.2cm]
&m_2& & ~ &
\tikz[remember picture,overlay]{
\node[anchor=west,xshift=-6pt] at (\tikzcdmatrixname-4-4) (extra) {$m_2\otimes A'=m_1\otimes A_1$};
\draw[dashed,-latex] (\tikzcdmatrixname-3-2.north west) to[out=135,in=-135]
\draw[dashed,-latex] (\tikzcdmatrixname-1-5.north west) to[out=135,in=45]
(\tikzcdmatrixname-2-2.north east);
\draw[-latex] (\tikzcdmatrixname-4-2.south east) to[out=-45,in=-135]
\draw[-latex] (\tikzcdmatrixname-1-5.south east) to[out=-45,in=90]
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