I have checked the other questions, before anyone asks, but the style of proof appears to be subtly different and I would be expected to stick to the convention that I am using.

My question is how to create a proof in Latex like the one in the image attached:

proof of P ∨ ¬P

(Apologies for the lighting, it is late for me)

This is not a Fitch-style proof, as no indentation is present, or those bars. I could use ordered lists, but I am wondering if there is a package that allows me to auto-indent lines and the side-notes/operations as that can be fiddly with raw lists (although if anyone has any pointers on this I would be happy to hear them).

Any ideas? I am quite surprised I wasn't able to find any packages that use this kind of proof, it is the style used in Mendelson's Introduction to Mathematical Logic, so perhaps it is old-school. Appreciate any guidance people can provide.

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Another solution, based on listliketab:



\noindent \begin{tabular}{L >{$}l <{$}@{\hskip4em}l}
\multicolumn{2}{c}{$ \vdash P\lor\lnot P $} \\
\step & \lnot(P\land\lnot P) & Hyp \\
\step & P & {Hyp}\\
\step & P\lor\lnot P & 2, $\lor$-introduction \\
\step & \bot & 1, 3, contradiction \\
\step & \lnot P & 2, 4, negation-introduction \\
\step & P\lor\lnot P & 5, $\lor$-introduction \\
\step & \bot & 1, 6, contradiction \\
\step & \lnot\lnot(P\lor\lnot P) & 1, 7, negation-introduction \\
\step & P\lor\lnot P & 8, double negation elimination


enter image description here

  • ShareLatex seems to complain about the $ sign in the \noindent line, but this works quite well. Thanks! Apr 27, 2018 at 14:55
  • Did you load array?
    – Bernard
    Apr 27, 2018 at 15:23
  • I had not, and that helped, thanks. One other thing - regarding overflow onto another line - how do I handle formulas that can span more than a few cm? Do the notes on the right shift? Can they handle multiple lines? Apr 28, 2018 at 18:28
  • You can use one of the aligned, alignedat, gathered or multlined environment (the latter requires loading ``mathtools` in the place of amsmath).
    – Bernard
    Apr 28, 2018 at 19:41

You can build an environment based on flalign*:


  \csname flalign*\endcsname
  \theformalproofline.\quad & #1 &\qquad& \text{#2}%


\begin{formalproof}{\vdash P\lor\lnot P}
\step{\lnot(P\land\lnot P)}{Hyp}
\step{P\lor\lnot P}{2, $\lor$-introduction}
\step{\bot}{1, 3, contradiction}
\step{\lnot P}{2, 4, negation-introduction}
\step{P\lor\lnot P}{5, $\lor$-introduction}
\step{\bot}{1, 6, contradiction}
\step{\lnot\lnot(P\lor\lnot P)}{1, 7, negation-introduction}
\step{P\lor\lnot P}{8, double negation elimination}


The showframe package just draws the page borders, for checking the alignment.

enter image description here

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