I get the following error which is well known: enter image description here

But I can't make it work and I don't want to change the Reader (I know, some people moved to Sumatra). Is there any chance to make it work in a non-random way?

Thank you very much for your support!

Useful links - I think I tried all possible combination :-(

  • Concerning Sumatra link
  • Bug(?) "install on the fly" link
  • Reader vs. Pro link
  • acroviewRxx-setting link

My settings:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Edit 1 (Ulrike Fischer's input): Still not working. I tried A17 and R17. Both without success. (I don't update the picture above) enter image description here

enter image description here

Edit 2 (Ulrike Fischer's input): Still not working. enter image description here

Edit 3 (Ulrike Fischer's input): Good Idea, winedt takes A17-version enter image description here

But the pdf is not opend after creation and it cannot be opened: enter image description here

After closing Winedt, it says that the file is broken...

Edit 4 (Ulrike Fischer's input): ...Solution...

I used Winedt "PDF Search" button (Shift + F8). This gave the following enter image description here

I then changed the setting in TeXnicCenter accordingly and now it went through! Final settings: enter image description here

  • Yet SumatraPDF is the recommended reader under Windows. It allows direct and inverse search because it can manage the synchronisation files. – Bernard Apr 27 '18 at 16:27
  • 1
    acroviewA10 is certainly wrong. Try acroviewA17 or acroviewR17 or perhaps even 18 at the end. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 27 '18 at 16:29
  • Check if the path to acrord32.exe is correct, – Ulrike Fischer Apr 27 '18 at 16:48
  • 1
    You could also install a test version of winedt and check if it can detect the reader. If yes one can extract the value from there. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 30 '18 at 8:10
  • 1
    Can winedt open and close the reader between compilations? If yes: Winedt seems to use an uppercase AcroviewA17 and the exe is named Acrobat.exe and not AcroRd32.exe . Did you try this? – Ulrike Fischer Apr 30 '18 at 9:38

Some time later, it did not work again. Using the procedure above, the final solution now is

enter image description here

(Just check out out Adobe => Help => About / Info about Adobe) I will update the answer, when I face the problem again...

24.6.2019: Seems to be acroviewA19!

  • 1
    Strange, it only didn't work since today!? – Christoph Jun 24 '19 at 16:55

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