The larger context of my question is about installing a document class in Lyx. I've done all the usual 'texhash' and 'reconfigure' thing, but just realize that I need to create a layout in Lyx for this acmsmall document class, which leads me to the following question.

According to this, I need to create a layout file like:

#% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this      
#  \DeclareLaTeXClass[acmsmall]{ACM Small}

# Read the definitions from article.layout
Input article.layout

However, I am not sure acmsmall.cls is a descendent of article.cls, or any other .cls file. Is this information embedded in acmsmall.cls? If so, where can I find it?

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The easiest way to find out whether a specific document class is loaded as base for another class is to view the source. You would usually find an entry like


to imply that the article document class is loaded. Alternatively, when you load an unknown class, view the .log file (Document>LaTeX Log). It should be evident from viewing the entries whether or not article.cls is loaded. Here's a snapshot of a .log that does load the article document class:

enter image description here

From a browse of acmsmall.cls, it does not load article. Using this knowledge you can setup your LyX .layout file without article as base.

Note that this is not uncommon. That is, it is not necessary for any class to use the standard LaTeX classes as base. In fact, many do not.

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