I'm currently defining terms in a note-taking document (article class) using


in the preamble, and defining the terms within

\textbf{Term} is ...

I wonder if there's a straightforward way I can create a list of definitions comparable to what is generated by


using a similar, custom command? A contents-style list of all definitions would be helpful, and so would a command which reprints all of the definitions from throughout the document made in the mydef theorem environment.


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Perhaps something like this?

enter image description here

I have used the tocloft package to create a new "table of definitions" with the commands:

\newcommand{\listdefinitionsname}{List of definitions}

I have then defined a new environment defn that will add a line to the "table of definitions" the first time \textbf{...} is used in the environment. This is done by changing the definition of \textbf to be


inside a defn environment. Arguably a better way to do this would be to define a new command, say \mydefn, like:


but I was trying to be faithful to the code snippets in the OP.

Here is the full code:

\newcommand{\listdefinitionsname}{List of definitions}

% create the new definition environment

% an enhanced version of \textbf that adds an entry to list of defs
  \let\textbf\real\textbf% reset \textbf to normal


\textbf{Term 1} is ...

\textbf{Term 2} is ...


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