In the example below, the top box is generated with hyperrf, while the lower ones are generated with tabular. I want all boxes to be fillable (like the top one), but to look like the lower ones.

In more detail. This is a fillable form, that can either be printed and filled by a pen, or filled electronically, saved and later printed. To those ends, I find it necessary that:

  • Field labels are in extremely small print and inside the fields. Thus when filled with pen, they will be written over and not visible any more.
  • Similarly, if being filled electronically, the field labels should be able to be covered by the typed text.
  • This is just a sample arrangement of the boxes(as in don't try hard to replicate it). The final document looks like this.

How do I put the field label inside the field and possibly hide it if anything has been typed?



\usepackage[table]{xcolor}     % For coloured rows within tables.

% Hide section and page numbers.


\TextField[bordercolor=black, width=8cm, height=5cm, charsize=0pt,name=box]{\tiny Външен вид}  \\

{\tiny Сила}  \\

% Ловкост
{\tiny Ловкост}  \\

{\tiny Рани}  \\


enter image description here

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