Here is a general kernel question. I am wondering why the leader dots are typeset in math mode.

While experimenting with my own sectioning commands, I had alignment issues with the dots. Does it have something to do with alignment?

            \mkern \@dotsep mu\hbox{.}\mkern \@dotsep

Anyway, I tried it like

            \kern .8em\hbox{.}\kern .8em}\hfill

and it seems pretty decent.

From the kernel latex.ltx:

  \ifnum #1>\c@tocdepth \else
    \vskip \z@ \@plus.2\p@
    {\leftskip #2\relax \rightskip \@tocrmarg \parfillskip -\rightskip
     \parindent #2\relax\@afterindenttrue
     \@tempdima #3\relax
     \advance\leftskip \@tempdima \null\nobreak\hskip -\leftskip
        \mkern \@dotsep mu\hbox{.}\mkern \@dotsep
     \hb@xt@\@pnumwidth{\hfil\normalfont \normalcolor #5}%

Note that tocloft keeps this

    \leaders\hbox{$\m@th\mkern #1 mu\hbox{\cftdot}\mkern #1 mu$}\hfill
  • The leader dots are not really typeset in math mode, since the \hbox escapes it to text mode (in the current font). – Werner May 8 '18 at 22:03
  • 1
    Read p 371 of source2e.pdf. – Werner May 8 '18 at 22:04

This goes back to plain TeX and \dotfill which is defined as

\def\dotfill{\cleaders\hbox{$\m@th \mkern1.5mu.\mkern1.5mu$}\hfill}

LaTeX2.09 used the same definition, as did the first couple of releases of 2e. Then:

% \changes{v1.1u}{1996/10/28}{Removed math mode}

The current 2e definition is

  \cleaders \hb@xt@ .44em{\hss.\hss}\hfill

In LaTeX \@dottedtocline is a kind of extended \dotfill the 2.09 defintion used math mode as in the original \dotfill. In 2e though here we removed the math setting of the actual . but left the muskip spacing, probably so that the existing \@dotsep parameter still worked.

%  \item[|\@dotsep|] Separation between dots, in mu units.
%                  Should be |\def|'d to a number like 2 or 1.7

The removal of math mode . was even earlier than in \dotfill:

% \changes{v1.0k}{1995/04/25}{Added \cs{hbox} around dots.}

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