I'm looking for a way to switch between symbolic and textual formatting of currency - e.g. $5 vs 5 dollars. Additionally, I want to choose which currency to display and change between currencies as needed.

This is what I had in mind, but maybe there are better solutions. Is there a way to achieve a set-up where any numbers I want displayed as currency I write as \money{5}, for example, and then I can change the currency as needed using a command. Something like \setcurrency[textual]{dollars} for example? Later, I might want to switch to \setcurrency[symbolic]{pounds}.

One challenge is this code would have to know when to use the singular 'dollar' or 'pound'. For describing single units.

Here is a basic MWE of the output I want:

\$1 and \$5.

1 dollar and 5 dollars.

\textsterling1 and \textsterling5.

1 pound and 5 pounds.

enter image description here

And here is a mock-up of the solution I had in mind:

\setcurrency[symbolic]{dollars}\money{1} and \money{5}.

\setcurrency[textual]{dollars}\money{1} and \money{5}.

\setcurrency[symbolic]{pounds}\money{1} and \money{5}.

\setcurrency[textual]{pounds}\money{1} and \money{5}.

Additionally, I like how the siunitx package allows you to format the way the number is displayed. If there was a way of including this functionality that would be an added bonus.

I'm only looking for the functionality I've described above. But, I can think of a super-charged version that is able to take \money{1.35} with the options \setcurrency[fulltextual]{euros}, and return 'one euro and thirty-five cents'. That would be really cool. Maybe a package already exists to do what I'm asking?

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