anybody knows which package I can implement to be able to read chinese characters from a CSV file. The code works really well with english, but as soon as a make a CSV file containing chinese format, it refuses to compile.



    col sep=comma,
    string type,
    every head row/.style={%
        before row={\hline
            \multicolumn{2}{c}{Vocab} & \\
        after row=\hline
    every last row/.style={after row=\hline},
    columns/name/.style={column name=English, column type=l},
    columns/surname/.style={column name=Pinyin, column type=l},
    columns/age/.style={column name=Chinese, column type=c},


enter image description here

I tried adding this package, but couldn't get i t to work


Each works fine on their own, but I cannot get them to work together. The CSV files are made in notepad and saved as UFT8 csv Thanks for reading BR Mark

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