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Are they all gone and replaced by the Console?

I am very used to the "Update" GUI from the Start menu and other links. I can't seem to find them now.


The update manager and the other tools will be removed in the near feature. As said on https://miktex.org/announcement/mfc-deprecation:

MiKTeX Console is now the tool of choice for most MiKTeX maintenance tasks. The classic MiKTeX desktop applications (Settings, Package Manager, Update Wizard) are considered deprecated and will be removed in the future.

More info: MiKTeX desktop applications were originally implemented on top of the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library, a framework for developing desktop applications for Windows. In the course of porting MiKTeX to Mac and Linux, it was necessary to rewrite the three applications.

  • I am outdated. MikTeX in Linux even with apt-get! But It scares me the time that I can ost with the dawn comparisons when probably is completely irrelevant using one or another for real works. – Fran May 9 '18 at 20:13

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