I'm trying to force the position of a figure in a document I'm writing, however, it's an MNRAS template and is two columned. I've tried using [H] and [h!] for the figure, however, they don't work. Is there another way to solve this issue?


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    you have given no indication of the code you have used so hard to tell you what is wrong. \includegraphics is never moved, and if you do not want it to move you should not wrap it in figure but if you do use figure and [H] from the float package it will not move. But the only reason to use figure is to allow it to be moved. Commented May 9, 2018 at 21:34

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From the MNRAS LaTeX guide for authors: "The LATEX float placement commands [htbp] are intentionally disabled. Layout of figures and tables will be adjusted by the publisher during the production process, so authors should not concern themselves with placement to avoid disappointment and wasted effort. Simply place the LATEX code close to where the figure or table is first mentioned in the text and leave exact placement to the publishers." (source)

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