I want to make a twocolumn A5 booklet with 8pt font and narrow margins. Here's what I have so far:

\usepackage{array, booktabs, extsizes, caption, cuted, titlesec}

However, I'm getting this error when running pdflatex:

Package ExtSizes Warning: It is better to use one of the extsizes classes, if you can.

How am I not using an extsizes class?! It says right there at the top: \documentclass[...]{extbook}, emphasis on the extbook. What gives?


The extsizes documentation says:

There is also a package, extsizes.sty, which can be used with nonstandard document classes. But it cannot be guaranteed to work with any give class. Don’t use it at the same time as one of the extsizes classes.

The extsizes package is for when you cannot use one of the extsizes classes. So you should simply remove it.

Also, from the package code you see:

\PackageWarningNoLine{ExtSizes}{It is better to use one of the extsizes 
                          classes,^^J if you can}  %Comment out this
                            % line if you find it annoying!
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    @klasdfjasdf Also, note that that is not an error, it's just a warning :) – Phelype Oleinik May 10 '18 at 0:38

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