I have the following code


and the result is two arrows from a to b, I want to put \vdots between the two arrows, exactly in the middle (to indicate there are many arrows from a to b). Could anyone help with this?

Other methods not using \xymatrix or 􏵥􏵍􏵆􏵤􏵂􏵒􏵀􏴿􏴿\rtwocell producing horizontal parallel arrows with 3 vertical dots between them is also welcome and is fine for me. What I want is roughly as follows (but I want it to be more symmetric):

enter image description here


I have solved your problem using tikz-cd putting \vdots between the two arrows. I have used sometimes xymatrix.

enter image description here


Y_{n-1} & Y_n \arrow[l, "d_0"', bend right=42] \arrow[r, draw=none, "\raisebox{+1.5ex}{\vdots}" description]\arrow[l, "d_n", bend left=42] \arrow[r, "s_0", bend left=42]
\arrow[r, "s_n"', bend right=42] \arrow[l, draw=none, "\raisebox{+1.5ex}{\vdots}" description] & Y_{n+1}

A solution using xypic (and the useful \raisebox command sugested by @Sebastiano). Observe that the vertical dots are aligned with arrow labels.

enter image description here

    Y_{n-1} & 
    Y_n \ar@{}[r]|-{\raisebox{+1.5ex}{\vdots}}\ar@{}[l]|-{\raisebox{+1.5ex}{\vdots}}
        \ar@/_2ex/[r]_-{s_n} \ar@/^2ex/[r]^-{s_0} \ar@/_2ex/[l]_-{d_0} \ar@/^2ex/[l]^-{d_n} &
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    Sigur I really thank you with my heart for quoting my name. Obviously your skill is unexceptionable and you deserve to be given +1. – Sebastiano Oct 9 '18 at 20:28

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