I know \documentclass[leqno] will put equation number on the left.

I'd like the number to show twice : on the left and on the right

Added to the original question

A basic MWE based on a suggestion in the comments, but it's not working. The equation numbers need to be the same.

&& E = mc^2 &&(\theequation) 

enter image description here

  • Use flalign and (\theequation). – John Kormylo May 10 '18 at 14:32

The follow example redefines the way the tag is set, adding it to both sides:

enter image description here



  \hbox {\m@th \normalfont #1}% Regular (right-hand tag)
  \rlap{\hskip-\displaywidth \m@th \normalfont #1}% Left-hand tag


  E = mc^2
  f(x) &= ax^2 + bx + c \\
  g(x) &= d


The tag is set using \maketag@@@, which is updated to add the left-hand tag using a zero-width right overlap.

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