I need to do my thesis and I have used a template of my university in Overleaf. But I have one problem: My first page of the bibliography doesn't display the page number, like in this figure:

problem number page

And you can see that the other pages display page number:

normal page number after first page

How can I fix it?


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You can get \bibpreamble to do this for you:


\bibsetup, as suggested in the comments, is only available if you use biblatex. I was going on a hunch that you're using the natbib package instead, which inserts \bibpreamble just before the reference list, after the Reference/Bibliography heading.

If you were not using natbib either, you may have had to use e.g. etoolbox to patch the thebibliography environment instead:


though the exact patch would depend on the .cls you're using. I'm assuming the same thebibliography from book.cls here.


For biblatex : do NOT use


as it will overwrite valuable setup lines.

Instead, patch the command if you can, or restore the whole original definition along with your additional instruction:


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