I'm writing my thesis and would love to begin my bibliography with the famous line from the Talmud:

"a person who cites his source brings deliverance to the world" (Avot 6:5)

That is i am using the \bibliography command, and I'd like to place the quote between the heading and the list of cited sources


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With natbib you can normally redefine \bibpreamble:

\def\bibpreamble{Some text before the bib}


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Just in case you decide to switch to biblatex:

\defbibnote{myprenote}{Here goes my text.}

Use the epigraph package (< texdoc epigraph section 2.6 Epigraphed bibliographies). The code given there can also be used, with appropriate edits, to add epigraphs to other things like indexes or abstracts.

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