I have a lot of svg images I want to include in a TeX-File.

So far I didn't have problems using the \usepackage{svg} with \includesvg.

However recently I've added a few more layers to the svg-files and now a lot of stuff is missing.

The resulting svg-tex.pdf files now have up to 61 pages and if I look into the svg-tex.pdf_tex files with texmaker I found the culprit: it only goes up to 50 pages:


Putting the pages in manually like:


does work, but would be very time inefficient (I have 100+ svg images) additionally the layers don't have the correct sequence and cover up text sometimes.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

If I open up the svg-image it shows up just fine.

One possibility would be to just export the svgs in one pdf file without the text as extra latex file, but this way I can't add formulas in Tex-Form.


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I just found a solution for the problem for anyone interested in it:

Open up the .svg file in inkscape, select all, ungroup them and save.

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