I would like to achieve the following ornament: For the university we have to convert code into a PDF. To make this easier I use the following macro:

\newcommand{\includecode}[2][code]{\lstinputlisting[escapechar=, style=code, title=#2]{#2} \bigskip}

However, the title displays the entire path of the file, not just the file name itself. How can I fix this?

Edit: This is the command I use for including files:




UPDATE: My final code. Maybe someone might like this solution in the future.


\newcommand{\includecode}[2][code]{\lstinputlisting[escapechar=, style=code, title=\captcode{#2}]{#2} \bigskip}

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The LaTeX kernel has a file name parser that can be used to split the path into components:


    Path: & #1\\
    Area: & \filename@area\\
    Base: & \filename@base\\
    Extension:  & \filename@ext\\
    Name: & \filename@base.\filename@ext\\



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