In my report I have quite a lot of appendices (pdf's). I want to refer to them as A.1, A.2.....and so on It all works fine for A , B and C, but when i refer to any appendix under C, the refrence in the output pdf is printed as C.3.

In the code I use \ref{appendix:....}

\includepdf[pages=1, pagecommand={\section{A}\label{appendix:A}},linktodoc=true]{A.pdf}


\includepdf[pages = 1, scale = 0.72, fitpaper=true, pagecommand ={\section{B}\label{appendix:B}}, linktodoc = true]{B.pdf}


\includegraphics[scale = 2]{C.1.jpg}

 \includegraphics[scale = 0.8]{C.2.jpg} 


\includegraphics[scale = 0.9]{C.3.jpg}\label{appendix:C.3}  

\includepdf[pages = 1, scale = 0.65, fitpaper=true, pagecommand ={\section{D}\subsection{D.1}\label{appendix:D.1}}, linktodoc = true]{D.1.pdf}

\includepdf[pages = 1, scale = 0.72, fitpaper=true, pagecommand ={\subsection{D.2}}\label{appendix:D.2}, linktodoc = true]{D.2.pdf}
  • I had the labels outside pagecomand{}.., Problem soved – Marte Tostrup May 14 '18 at 16:27

I had the labels outside \pagecomand{...}. Problem soved!

  • Your code example has all the \labels within the \pagecommand. So, how does this answer help? – Werner May 14 '18 at 17:05
  • Not if you look at D.2, i noticed that i got the right reference at D.1, but from D.2 and down they all said C.3 – Marte Tostrup May 14 '18 at 17:32
  • Riiight. I missed that one. I'll delete my comments. – Werner May 14 '18 at 17:34

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