I have set up a continuous integration system using github and travis CI using this workflow that was given as an answer to a similar question here. Everything works fine and I am able to build the PDF upon each git push.

Now, there is an issue in using the minted package for code listings. which has an external dependency on the pygments library.

How do I modify the .travis.yml (specifically the one from that reference link) to install pygments on the travis build environment and configure it (i.e. make TeX find it) for building the project?

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This is not about Travis in particular, but there is another docker image (vanilla TL2018 on Debian) out there that works with minted and Pygments: sumdoc/texlive-2018 (see https://hub.docker.com/r/sumdoc/texlive-2018/). Simply use this as a replacement for your previous docker image and you will be able to run a normal LaTeX call with shell escape to build your document.


Here is the Travis-specific answer: you can install such dependencies by adding this to your .travis.yml before the install block:

# Dependency of the minted package
 - sudo apt-get install python-pygments

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