I have a list of tasks to accomplish and all are listed in a working sequence.

I wish there were empty checkboxes to remember that no task was performed.

Suppose I perform 3 tasks from a list of 5 tasks.

With this I would save the file with 3 tasks executed.

The next day, I would like to open the file and see only the 3 tasks performed with checks

I was able to create some checkboxes, but they do not have this property to be marked with the mouse.

Is there any possibility of this?


Item 1 \mbox{\ooalign{$\checkmark$\cr\hidewidth$\square$\hidewidth\cr}}

Item 2 \mbox{\ooalign{$\checkmark$\cr\hidewidth$\square$\hidewidth\cr}}

Item 3 \mbox{\ooalign{$\checkmark$\cr\hidewidth$\square$\hidewidth\cr}}

Item 4 \mbox{\ooalign{$\checkmark$\cr\hidewidth$\square$\hidewidth\cr}}

Item 5 \mbox{\ooalign{$\checkmark$\cr\hidewidth$\square$\hidewidth\cr}}


enter image description here


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You can use hyperref checkboxes. Doesn't work in every viewer though.


  Item 1 \CheckBox[width=1.3ex,height=1.3ex]{}

  Item 2 \CheckBox[width=1.3ex,height=1.3ex]{}

  Item 3 \CheckBox[width=1.3ex,height=1.3ex]{}

  Item 4 \CheckBox[width=1.3ex,height=1.3ex]{}

  Item 5 \CheckBox[width=1.3ex,height=1.3ex]{}


Here the checked boxes in the Evince viewer.

enter image description here

  • Can Adobe Reader have this function?
    – LCarvalho
    May 18, 2018 at 3:09
  • @LCarvalho Adobe Reader can do it. May 18, 2018 at 3:22
  • I think I'll have to find the correct setup of my Acrobat Redader DC because I could not use.
    – LCarvalho
    May 23, 2018 at 0:09

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