A MNW is as follows:


    定理的本质意义呢?many 2





It is compiled as

enter image description here


  • How to make () containing theorem notes become [] in the environments of theorem, definition and example?

I tried a lot but failed. So any help is welcome!

  • i'm not familiar with ctexbeamer, but you're using some \newtheoremstyles that i recognize from amsthm (which is not called by \usepackage). only the default theorem style in amsthm specifies italic text. i would have expected other theorem packages to do the same. – barbara beeton May 20 '18 at 18:19

To answer your first question:

The () are hard coded in the theorem begin template. To change it, redefine the template.




\setbeamertemplate{theorem begin}
      \ifx\inserttheoremaddition\@empty\else\ [\inserttheoremaddition]\fi%





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