I've moved a project from Overleaf v2 to v1 by downloading all files and reuploading them to a blank v1 project. This has worked fine but I've now started getting the following error about 80% of the time I try to compile:

Extra },
 or forgotten \endgroup.
l.543   }

I haven't touch any of the standalone sections of my project (tikz figures in separate files)

I've tried recompiling from scratch but am still getting the error 80% of the time.


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    (Disclaimer: I'm a support personnel at Overleaf.) Overleaf v2 uses TL207, while v1 uses TL2016, so this may be due to different versions of packages. You can also contact support@overleaf.com with your project's URL, so that the team can have a closer look. – LianTze Lim May 21 '18 at 14:07
  • ...and of course I meant "v2 uses TL2017", sorry for the typo. – LianTze Lim May 22 '18 at 3:25

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