What can I do to the square root symbols have the same size.

enter image description here

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    Use a \mathstrut in each \sqrt. Or, in the first \sqrt apply \vphantom{M_1^2}. – Peter Grill May 22 '18 at 21:53
  • @PeterGrill I use often this trick :-) +1 for your comment. – Sebastiano May 22 '18 at 21:56

A quick fix:

\frac{2C_1 p^2 \sqrt{p^2+M_{}^2}\sqrt{p^2+M_1^2}}{1}

enter image description here

The second square root symbol is higher because of the M_1^2 inside it has both a subscript and a super script. In this case, the super script moves upward a little bit to leave room for the subscript. The simple solution is to add a surplus _{} for the first M^2 inside the first root. If you need the exact same height, then use M_{\phantom{1}}^2.

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