I'm new to Latex environment, and I'm dealing with text alignment. Probably this question was already asked, but I didn't manage to find the answer elsewhere. I want to put the text next to the red vertical line. I added that vertical line with "Paint", it's not part of the document.

enter image description here


The simplest way should be this: load package enumerate and use an enumerate environment along these lines:



\begin{enumerate}[wide=0pt, leftmargin=*, widest=$\textcolor{DarkSeaGreen}{\ding{224}}\qquad Δ> 0$, font=\color{DarkSeaGreen}]

   \item[\ding{224}\quad$\Delta>0$] È facile rendersi conto che che se sotto abbiamo radice un numero positive, grazie al simbolo $\pm$, abbiamo \textbf{due soluzioni distinte}:
    \[ x = \frac{-b + √{Δ}}{2a}\quad e\quad x = \frac{-b - √{Δ}}{2a} \]%

   \item[\ding{224}\quad$\Delta=0$] La formula diventa …

   \item[\ding{224}\quad$\Delta<0$] La formula presenta …


enter image description here

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