Is there a way to generate a citations list in LaTeXiT?

This answer provides a method (in a normal LaTeX environment) for adding citations to the citation list without having them cited in the document. Then, in LaTeXiT's Preferences > Advanced > Additional Files, I've added the bibliography file. However, this produces no references list. If I use the ordinary \cite command, I see that [CITATION_KEY_NAME] is output by LaTeXiT. It seems that LaTeXiT will not run biber (or equivalent). Is there a better way to get LaTeXiT generate the desired citations list? Thank you!

  • This seems to far beyond the scope of LaTeXiT which is meant to be an equation editor. I don't think it offers you a way to run BibTeX/Biber. It might be a better idea to prepare your whole document using LaTeX if you want to take advantage of its reference formatting. – Henri Menke May 23 '18 at 1:13
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    I partially take back what I said above. It might actually be possible to run BibTeX/Biber from LaTeXiT. You can orient yourself on this example with feynmp: osksn2.hep.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp/~taku/osx/feynmp_latexit.html – Henri Menke May 23 '18 at 1:16

You can add a pre-processing script in the preferences of LaTeXiT under Typesetting > Additional scripts. Check the box to enable Pre-processing, then add the following (replacing the compiler and bibliography tool being used if not LuaLatex and Biber, respectively):


This will lead to longer LaTeXiT compile times, so under that same preference tab, it may make sense to add a separate configuration for this, so the default can still be used for regular LaTeXiT usage.

This answer assumes the bibliography file was added to LaTeXiT as described in the question.

I was looking to add individual citations to (non-Beamer) slides. For others who would like to do the same thing, here are a few other pointers (assuming biblatex). In the preamble, use \usepackage[style=authortitle]{biblatex} to remove the citation number. And for the main LaTeXiT code use:


This will give the citation by itself in LaTeXiT.

Credit to @HenriMenke in the comments for the pointer to the solution.

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