The text I’m setting up have a list inside a footnote, but the enumerate environment doesn’t get constrained to the text columns of the footnote, when putting it into two columns using reledmac. Also, after the list the footnote text doesn’t go back to two columns. This might be a bug.

example of the output of the MWE

% -*- mode: latex-*-





% default: 1.2em plus .6em minus .6em
\beforenotesX[A]{1.5em plus .25em minus .25em}  % adds space above footnote rule


  \item \lipsum[1]
  \item \lipsum[2]
  \item \lipsum[3]
  \item \lipsum[4]
  \item \lipsum[5]
}. \lipsum[1]

  • I think that is a bug. Please open an issue on github repository, but, sorry, I have no time now for reledmac. – Maïeul May 24 '18 at 9:41

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