I'm working on a book using the Tufte book class.

This the MWE:

\usepackage[style=oscola, autocite=footnote, backend=biber]{biblatex}%
This,\autocite{alcatel} should be a side note and this\autocite{verkehrsorgani} should too.


This is \textbackslash{textcite\{alcatel\}}: \textcite{alcatel}


\textbackslash{textcite\{alcatel\}}: \textcite{alcatel}


\textbackslash{textcite\{verkehrsorgani\}}: \cite{verkehrsorgani}


This is \textbackslash{textcite[See][10]\{alcatel\}}: \cite[See][10]{alcatel}


This is \textbackslash footnote\{This is a footnote\}: \footnote{This is a footnote}



The oscola.bib content:

keywords = {eu},
title = {Georg Verkehrsorgani v Ferrovie
dello Stato},
userb = {Case COMP\slash 37.685},
number = {2004\slash 33\slash EC},
institution = {Commission},
year = {2004},
journaltitle = {OJ},
series = {L},
issue = {11},
pages = {17},

    keywords = {eu},
    title = {Alcatel/Telettra},
    userb = {IV/M.042},
    number = {91\slash 251\slash EEC},
    institution = {Commission},
    date = {1991},
    journaltitle = {OJ},
    series = {L},
    volume = {122},
    pages = {48},

I need the content of all footnotes, sidenotes, and citations per the Oscola citation format (https://ctan.org/pkg/oscola?lang=en). I feel the results are not as close as I wish so I want to know if it is possible to modify the .cls or .def files in order to achieve that. Thanks in advance.

  • Can you please a) add oscola.bib with the used entries so we can compile your example and b) be a little bit more specific: What do you want to change? You say the results are not as close as you wish. Close to what? In what way?
    – DG'
    May 24, 2018 at 14:21
  • Hello, thanks for your answer. I added the content of the bib file. I would like the result as close as possible to the output of the oscola.tex template in ctan.org/pkg/oscola?lang=en.
    – MathTeX
    May 24, 2018 at 15:09

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You don't have to modify anything. Just call tufte book with the nobib option and load the oscola style with biblatex:



    author = {John Doe},
    year = {1970},
    title = {Article Title},
    journaltitle = {Journal Name},
    volume = {1},
    number = {2},
    pages = {13--17},




enter image description here


If you want your document to look more like the OSCOLA Manual you need to change the font and set the text justified:







\section{Not Kant}

    This \autocite{alcatel} should be a side note and this \autocite{verkehrsorgani} should too.

    This is \verb|\textcite{alcatel}|: \textcite{alcatel}

    \verb|\textcite{alcatel}|: \textcite{alcatel}

    \verb|\cite{verkehrsorgani}|: \cite{verkehrsorgani}

    This is \verb|\cite[See][10]{alcatel}|: \cite[See][10]{alcatel}

    This is \verb|\footnote{This is a footnote}|: \footnote{This is a footnote}





enter image description here


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